Melissa Schriek

Amsterdam-based photographer Melissa Schriek’s work explores the border between staged and documentary photography, using her photographs as a tool to raise questions about how we relate to one another and our environment.

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The City is a Choreography

The City is a Choreography
The City Is A Choreography
The City is a ChoreographyThe City is a ChoreographyThe City is a Choreography

Melissa’s landmark project and publication ’The City Is A Choreography’ explores how we connect meaningfully to our built environment. Photographed over three years, in cities around the world from Berlin to Los Angeles, Melissa uses her background in dance and documentary photography to address what it means to belong to a place. On this subject, she says, "I see the city as a place of constant movement, a rhythm we become part of once we step on to the streets".

"Schriek playfully encourages us to question our relationships with the people around us, and the spaces that we occupy, with the hope of making us re-address how we operate and communicate in our shared environment" - foreword by Hannah Geddes, Curator of Interpretation at Tate.

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