Benjamin Swanson

Aquifers is a photographic project by Benjamin Swanson about the unseen threat of saltwater to our natural environment.

The images were premiered exclusively in climate title, Icarus Complex Magazine, and beautifully portray the delicate balance between our warming climate, plant life and geology.

Upon researching the effect of rising sea levels in the UK, Benjamin discovered that this issue is occurring close to home. More saltwater is travelling further, in to our rivers, lakes, and estuaries - eventually absorbing in to the earth and retained in water bearing rock called 'Aquifers'. It is within this rock that water for our household services, drinking water, and agricultural use is accessed.

These issues are already having a destructive impact on plant life and access to clean water. Photographing organic materials, plants, and rocks collected from a local estuary near his home in Brighton, Benjamin hopes to bring the drama of the river to the studio.

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